Lets assume I found a typo in some project's file. The project has a lot of open pull requests¹, so it's not practical to manually search through the pull requests if any of them contain a fix for this typo.

Is there a way to see all pull requests that change the regarding file or better yet the regarding line?

¹ E.g., take docker, which has 98 open pull requests at the time of this writing.

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Hopefully by now you've found an answer to your question, but if not (or if anyone else has the same question) you can search a repo's open pull requests for a word or phrase -- the file name, for example, or the typo corrected, or the line that it appears on.

To search open pull requests, use the following search query:

is:pr is:open "phrase to search for"

Searching the Docker pull requests for "fix typo" right now returns 1 result.


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