I just logged-in to my Gmail and I saw following message:

You’re out of storage space and will soon be unable to send or receive emails until you free up space or purchase additional storage.

After quick reviewing of my Drive storage, a large portion went to Gmail and Google Photos. I started using Gmail back in 2004 and needless to say I have millions of emails and it's not easy to clean it up.

What's the most efficient way to do clean up my Gmail? (It's not like I can sort by size and see which emails are taking most of space.)


after using certain label, such as this:

label:freebsd-questions -label:starred

I hit Delete and a minute later I saw this:

Oops… the system encountered a problem (#793) - Retrying in 1s…

and when I opened another tab to Gmail I saw this:

Gmail by Google 

Temporary Error (500)   

We’re sorry, but your Gmail account is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience and suggest trying again in a few minutes. You can view the Apps Status Dashboard for the current status of the service.

If the issue persists, please visit the Gmail Help Center »

Try Again Sign Out

Hide Detailed Technical Info
Numeric Code: 167

Any advise?



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