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I am a software developer with more than thirteen years of experience on writing and debugging web, desktop, mobile, daemon, cli software, sysadmin, devops, security, tester and a hint of artificial intelligence.

I have an unwavering passion about everything I do, and I give the most of my energy to achieve my goals.

I know it is difficult but I seek perfection in everything that is within my reach. Software is not subjective (people are). It is engineering so, the perfection is not an option.

Currently working as Software Architect

About me...

  • I work-out almost every day.
  • I like creativity and develop new things.
  • I feel an insatiable hunger for knowledge and at the same time to document it in order to share it. Stackoverflow seems a good place to do that :D
  • I really love movies, series, books, mangas, animes and all related to sci-fi

Feel free to contact me using I like to share my knowledge for free if it is for a non-profit cause or just for learning. For complex or enterprise requirements I can help you as a consultant.

For self-taught

Last but no least

Develop source code with love. Source code is not for users or our bosses, it is for another developers in the future. Also the earth warm will thank you!!

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