I am currently trying to edit a form in Cognito Forms, and there are two functionalities I can't configure properly:

1. "Show next page button WHEN" condition

I have a multiple choice question with checkboxes. The field is required. Visitors must choose four answers exactly. I would like to let visitors see the "Next page" button when and only when they have checked exactly four choices. I've tried everything I could (which is obviously not enough!) with the Advanced Editor and common yes/no calculations. I did not succeed.

What do you think is the best formula for this condition?

2. How to report multiple choice answers in next question (in Rating Scale)

Now, I want the previous four required choices, chosen by the visitor, to be reported in the rating scale on the next page.

Can I do that - and how?

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I'm a developer with Cognito Forms.

You can set up a 'When' condition on your Page Break to show only when your Choice field set to Checkboxes has 4 items selected. In my fallowing example my Choice field will have the label 'Choice Field'. I set up this calculation in the advanced editor for the 'When' condition on the Page Break.

=(ChoiceField.Count() = 4)

As for the second part of your question. We can't take the value that has been selected in the Choice field, the options, and add them to the Question section of a Rating Scale.

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