I am a G Suite user. When I create a site in the New Google Sites, the URL looks like the following, where foosite is the site's name, and foo.com is the primary domain associated with my G Suite account:

https:/ /sites.google.com/foo.com/foosite

I want to create a new site using one of the secondary domains associated with the G Suite account, and I want the secondary domain to be in the URL instead of the primary one. For example, where barsite is a site's name, and bar.com is a secondary domain associated with my account:

https:/ /sites.google.com/bar.com/barsite

In the Classic version of Google Sites I had this option by selecting the domain to use in the URL.

I have tried creating a site while logged into an account whose username uses the secondary domain, such as [email protected], and which has no alias on the primary foo.com domain, but only the site name could be customized, and the URL would always include the primary domain. For example:

https:/ /sites.google.com/foo.com/barsite

How can I create a site such that the URL includes a secondary domain associated with my G Suite account instead of the primary one?

  • 2024' still i have found no solution to: MY_Domain 1 - Site MY_DOmain 2 - Site it only allows it under the primary domain... not even a simple mask... crazy.... or did i miss something....tia Jan 9 at 19:26

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At the moment all sites in "new" Google Sites are under the primary domain of the G Suite account. It is not possible to use it for a secondary domain.


You can try the following:

  1. Temporarily change your primary G Suite or Google Workspace domain to the secondary domain.
  2. Create the custom URL for the Google Site. This will now be created with your secondary domain (which is now primary).
  3. Make the original domain primary again.

This new system is based on Google Sites automatically assigning the domain to the personalized URL, unlike what was done in Classic Google Sites which allowed you to choose between your domains.

Note: Translated from the original post

  • This solution is not working. I changed the primary domain weeks ago, still, when I create a new site Google is placing the new site under the old primary domain even if it is now a secondary domain. Feb 16 at 11:57

You can but the email address of the owner of the Google Site must match the domain you want to link.

[email protected] <-> www.primarydomain.com

[email protected] <-> www.secondarydomain.net

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gsuite/comments/1aggpbc/weird_quirk_with_custom_domain_on_google_sites/

I tested it with success

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