For reference here's the sheet:


I am trying to create a filter that shows me all the data for May based on type and course category. I highlighted these in blue in the sheet.

I worked out how to count the type and category using this formula:

 (Resolutions!D:D="Complaints")*(Resolutions!J:J="Training and Assessment")))

but I would like to further count by month in the future.

Can you please help?

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  • your spreadsheet is in your Trash. are you still in need of a (more detailed) help on this? – user0 Jul 17 '18 at 20:00

how about using =COUNTIFS() ?


=COUNTIFS(A1:A10, ">20", 
          B1:B10, "<30")

=COUNTIFS(A7:A24, ">6", 
          B7:B24, "<" & DATE(1969,7,20))

=COUNTIFS(B8:B27, ">" & B12, 
          C8:C27, "<" & C13, 
          D8:D27, "<>10")

=COUNTIFS(C1:C100, "Yes")


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