In the following image, what I'm trying to do is to find a formula that will divide values on column C by values on column L, ONLY IF:

  • Value on column D = "L", and
  • Value on column J = "Right", and
  • Value on column K = "C", and
  • Value on column L <> 0 (isn't empty)

And then return the sum of those divisions.

So, for example, in this image, it would first: - Divide C7 by L7, then - Divide C12 by L12, then - Divide C15 by L15, and finally - Return the sum of the results of those divisions.

I have made multiple attempts with arrayformulas and sum(if) conjugates, to no sucess.

Thanks in advance.

Test sheet


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If I understand it, then you need this:

             J7; "Right"; 
             K7; "C"; 
             L7; "<>"); C7/L7; ; )

and then drag it down where it's needed...

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