I have a spreadsheet that uses the following formulas

To merge data an importrange and another sheet (column J):


To sort that data based on the vlookup (=importrange record's key):


Where J has a numeric value, the data is sorted but it's pulling a bunch of null values before it gets to the populated numbers in J.

How do I adjust the =importrange results so that I can have a numerically-sorted (column J) output with the merged data?

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    can you share a sample sheet with some dummy data - its difficult to visualize what is actually happening in your sheet without seeing an example - you can use pretend data - but it would yield a better solution Jun 26, 2018 at 4:30

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Instead of




This because an empty text ("") is not the same as blank.

Alternatively, instead of using ISBLANK use LEN. This because the length of a blank cell and a cell containing an empty text is 0.


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