I know that we can add the readme files or static files for each github project like https://nkgokul.github.io/steem-tutorials

But I would like to have something at https://nkgokul.github.io/ as well so that I can give a summary of my Github pages to the viewers.

Has anybody been able to get this working?

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To publish a GitHub page under the root domain of your github.io username, you should set up a repository named username.github.io, and it will take care of it.

Besides that, any other repository you create and set to publish pages, will be available at username.github.io/repo-name.

An example of such repo: square/square.github.io.

If you want to have your repo (also?) under steem-tutorials you can mirror that repo to username.github.io. It will be both clearer from the name of the repo what it is, and will be easier to change your main site later, since it's not your actual repo.

• Read more at Getting Started with GitHub Pages

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