I need help with Google Sheets. We are using a sheet as a working file and new rows will be added by different users. Formatting and formulas are included in various columns.

How do I ensure the new rows will contain the required formatting and formulas?

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to ensure retaining of formulas there is a cell / row / column lockdown future which is invoked by F4 right after you type a cell reference. this will add $ symbols before column and/or row. there are 4 possibilities for how to refer to a cell:

type something into cell B3 and paste in cell E1 one of these:

  • =B3 (this will refer to B3 but by adding *row+column it will refer to C4)
  • =$B$3 (...by adding *row+column it will refer to B3)
  • =$B3 (...by adding *row+column it will refer to B4)
  • =B$3 (...by adding *row+column it will refer to C3)

*meaning of row+column - (adding a row between rows 1 and 2) + (adding a column between column A and B)

to ensure formatting to be not broken by inserting row+column you will need to pre-format them with or without using Conditional formatting

to ensure formulas will do what it should by inserting row+column you will need to use =ArrayFormula() which counts for inserting row+column

  • Can you expand on how you make sure the formatting isn't broken? For instance, I have a row in which I see one column spanning several columns, but when I try to insert a new row, it doesn't span these columns. (And I don't know what you mean by "pre-format them with or without" which seems to be meaningless if it can be either one)
    – Michael
    May 22, 2020 at 23:07

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