I am trying to create my own custom Google Cloud Search and following this documentation. I need to add a data source through the G Suite Admin console. I login to my Admin console I go through the first step following the path Apps > G Suite > Cloud Search > Search Settings but nothing shows up or exists on Settings window. I am unable to find and locate the "Third-party data sources card". PS. Its a brand new G Suite Domain, fresh and clear.

Anyone with prior experience on this that can help me to find out where that card is?

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I think you need to be whitelisted first to be able to use this new feature. You should contact Google for that.


You will need to sign up here to get access.

If you have a reseller you will need to contact them to go via the cloudsearch partner team. Your G Suite or GCP reseller can find out more information on the [Cloud Search] Partners FAQs doc.

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