I'm looking for replacement of Excel formula:

=if.error(lookup(1000;search($B$1:$B$2;A1);$B$1:$B$2); "NONE")

The sheet looks like this:

enter image description here

So in column A, I have a long product index, in column B, I have a database of indexes. In column C, I want to receive an index from a database if a cell from column A contains it.

Could anyone help me with that?


                                          $B$1:$B$4), "NONE"))


to make it more intuitive (this way you don't need to edit B range when your DB grows):

                                          INDIRECT("$B$1:$B$"&COUNTA(B$1:B))), "NONE"))

  • Thank you for your time. The formula looks good but there's some glitch. If you mind look at the link: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/… If there's a two similar codes in database like 2240 and D2240 there's only one that can be find. I have multiple codes that short like 2240 and another one like 342240001. Any ideas how to fix it? – Wojtek Jan 9 at 9:50

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