So I have a drop-down menu in order sheet and I have an info sheet. In the info sheet, I have 2 columns, column A has the customer name, column B has the customer e-mail.

So what I'd like to do is, in the order sheet select a customer name, then the column next to it would auto-populate their e-mail address.

I have 43 customers with 43 e-mails and it's inconvenient to select the customer (IE Joe H.) and the try to find that guys e-mail from another drop-down list. If it could auto-populate it would be nice.

Basically, I was looking at the IF command or LOOKUP command and I'm a little confused which will best suit my needs.

If column A in order sheets is Joe, then column B in order sheets is automatically [email protected], if column A is Jack then column B is [email protected] and so on.

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