I have wrote following script in my google sheet hoping to convert a timestamp in GMT to a customized timezone.

function myFunctions(datetimeString,timeZone,format) {
  var moment = new Date(datetimeString);
  return Utilities.formatDate(moment, timeZone, "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'Z'")

However, I have no idea why this function doesn't give me a correct timezone ! For instant, 6/30/2019 6:32:00 should return June 30, 2019 11:02 AM in (GMT+4:30), However, it returns wrong time (June 30, 2019 02:02).

I've wrote the script in script tools, and call myFunctions in googlesheet's cell (consider my timestamp is in A1):


Thanks in advance.

  • Please add the timezone to the input date. If the input date is cell value, the timezone is the spreadsheet timezone.
    – Rubén
    Jul 1 '19 at 16:22

To pass strings as arguments to a custom functions they should be quoted enclosed.

Instead of



  • 1
    Thanks for your reply. However, it doesn't work ! In fact I get a time conversion, but it's not correct ! It shows another time which is not the one I expect ! I'm not sure why it gives me a wrong timezone !!! Is it a bug ?
    – Majid
    Jul 1 '19 at 6:07

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