I want to use a formula in multiple sheets. for example:

I have a sheet named "Formulas" and in cell "A1", There is a text "B1+B2"
Now, I want to run this formula in Sheet1 and Sheet2.
So, If I Edit "Formulas!A1" to "B1+B2+B3", in all sheets, results change.

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To update the formulas of different sheets, like Sheet1 and Sheet2 when a formula is edited in a third sheet, like Formulas, then you should use Google Apps Script including an on edit trigger.

The above because Google Sheets doesn't include a built-in feature that does that. An alternative to write the script by yourself is to use and add-on. You could look for existing add-ons in the G Suite Marketplace



What you need is the IMPORTRANGE function.

The result will be exactly what you expect:

So, If I Edit "Formulas!A1" to "B1+B2+B3", in all sheets, results change

Note: In order to make the function work you will be asked to "link" the sheets. Just go ahead and accept it.


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