Essentially I'm trying to figure out a formula that checks if Column A has the string "example", then grab the data in the corresponding row for Column B.

So if A1 says "Example" grab B1 data but I need to do this for multiple rows at the same time if possible.

  • What have you tried so far? "New to this website, sorry if this isn't how you ask questions" Please read the help to find more info. – marikamitsos May 6 '20 at 7:53
Column A   | Column B | Column C
My example | 100      | =IF(ISERROR(FIND("example",A1)),"",B1)

FIND function is case-sensitive. If you want a case-insensitive search you should use SEARCH function.

If your string can vary, you can place it in cell D1, for instance and reference to it:


If the string is variable per row, add a third column

Column A   | Column B | Column C | Column D
My example | 100      | example  | =IF(ISERROR(FIND(C1,A1)),"",B1)

In C1 enter:


enter image description here

make the "6" whatever you need.

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