Upon editing a Trello card description, Trello selects the whole text, which makes it pretty easy to accidentally delete the whole description and save it.

I have accidentally done this a few times, but unlike when editing the title of the card, Trello doesn't seem to log card description updates. How can I revert such an accidental deletion of potentially important infos?

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  1. Open the card and add ".json" to the end of the URL

  2. You're now facing the "raw data" of everything Trello knows about this card. It's JSON-formatted data and it's pretty hard to read for a human, so it might come handy to either pretty-print it, use a JSON viewer extension, or use Firefox that prettify JSON by default (like I do)

  3. The description edition should be under the "action" key. Just scroll down to it and locate the action containing the whole deleted text

  4. You can now copy-paste it back into the card description. Accident undone!

card before accidental deletion

card during deletion

add JSON to the URL

JSON data

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