I'm trying to use a cell reference instead of static values.

=QUERY(Responses!B1:I, "Select * where G = '"&B:B&"'")

I use code like this because the data is varchar, but it's so many cell references:

=QUERY(Responses!B1:I, "Select B where G = '"&B1&"',or G = '"&B2&"',or G = '"&B3&"',or G = '"&B4&"',or G = '"&B5&"',or G = '"&B6&"'")

How can I make it simple - like the first query?

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You want to query a range where column G equals any value ina separate range.

User @Zolley in StackOverflow Query with range of values for WHERE clause? provides an answer for this. The answer requires a helper cell...

Helper Cell

  • In cell C1 (or any other cell that you choose) enter this formula:

  • if you prefer to limit the range to only those rows that contain data, you could use this formula instead.


  • Enter this where you want your output:
    =QUERY(Responses!B1:I,"Select * WHERE G matches '^.*(" & C1 & ").*$'",1)





  • thanks man, it work i use =QUERY(Responses!B1:I, "Select * where G matches "&"'"&join("|"B:B)&"'") Jun 21, 2021 at 10:33
  • Nice simplification, but there's a typo in the join function-missing argument separator. It should read join("|",B:B)
    – Tedinoz
    Jun 22, 2021 at 0:37

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