Contacting Facebook can prove to be challenge for some, are there any emails or phone numbers that are active for Facebook?

I know that some of the email addresses come from replies to Facebook others from Support forms.

The rest of the list I think will be made up of Facebook employee usernames e.g. zuck@fb.com

Is there a list out there that contains this?

So far I have found http://www.marismith.com/how-contact-facebook-directory-of-forms/


Here is a list of emails that have been passed out over the years

  • privacy@facebook.com (inactive?)
  • login@facebook.com (inactive?)
  • info@facebook.com (inactive?)
  • disabled@facebook.com (inactive?)
  • abuse@facebook.com (inactive?)
  • appeals@facebook.com (inactive?)

Phone numbers from a Google Maps search

  • (650) 853-1300 (inactive?)
  • (408) 844-4043 (marketing) (inactive?)


  • press@fb.com

Facebook Groups


  • #facebook irc.freenode

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