In Excel it is possible to style text within a cell, by pressing Crtl+1.
You can create for example the following sequence: 1,2,3,4.

Is that possible in Google Spreadsheets?


As of quite recently (02-09-2015) it is possible in Google Spreadsheets to have partial formatting within a cell.


Partial cell formatting in Sheets When it comes to spreadsheets—and the cells that comprise them—we know that one size doesn’t always fit all. That’s why it’s now possible to select only a portion of the characters within a cell in Sheets and to apply text formatting to only those characters (as opposed to the entire cell). This functionality is available on the web and in the Sheets Android app.


enter image description here


It might take a while for the feature to be available as it's being rolled out.



Even though this looks to be a pretty old version of a Google Apps training module, the answer remains the same. No, you can't apply multiple formatting options to a single cell in Google Spreadsheets:


Formatting is performed on only a complete cell. It is not possible to format only parts of a cell (for example, bolding one word in the cell).


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