I am trying to get this formula to work

=countifs(J6:J365, "=David & Victor", K6:K365, "=g3")

where G3 is a date value (e.g., 02/24/14).

I am trying to count the instances in my spreadsheet where David & Victor had any activity on that date. It is an on-going sheet so the date changes as the week progresses. The formula works if I write it this way:

=countifs(J6:J365, "=David & Victor", K6:K365, "=02/24/14")

However this means that I have to modify the formula too many times. Can someone help me figure out how else I can do this?


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Apply the following adjustment to your formula.


=COUNTIFS(J6:J365, "=David & Victor", K6:K365, "="&G3)


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