I have a personal OneDrive account where I keep a lot of documents. I also have OneDrive for Business through my institution (University), which gives me the more complete version of office online.

Can I share a folder between the two accounts?

When I tried inviting my uni account to the shared folder, I received an email but the folder does NOT appear in my OneDrive for Business.


OneDrive personal and OneDrive for Business are completely different and you can't share folders between these accounts.

You can only generate a link, but you will never see your shared folders in your OneDrive personal account or in your OneDrive for Business account.

Just use only OneDrive for Business or only OneDrive personal otherwise it is not working.

My advice: use a professional cloud storage Service.

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  • I would tend to agree with you, I've tested it myself, however it doesn't see it in the "Shared with me" section in my OneDrive for Business after sharing it from a regular OneDrive. – Wadih M. Aug 7 '17 at 14:38

Yes, you can share any folder between two OneDrive accounts. If you don't see the Shared folder on the other account, then please verify the below factors and check if you are missing anything.

  1. Check whether the folder is really shared in the 'Shared' > "Shared by Me" option of the left pane from the account where the folder is shared (OneDrive-Personal account). If it is not listing, then there may some issue happened while sharing the folder. Re-share it again
  2. Ensure, the other account has minimum of View Only or Can Edit privilege for the folder
  3. Hope both are Microsoft accounts and Shared the folder to proper Microsoft account
  4. Try share the folder to another account and isolate the issue that it is for any specific account.

Hope these steps would help you.

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  • Thanks. One of them is not technically a Microsoft account, it's a university account. That is, for login it's redirecting me to the university login page. That could be causing the problem. – gozzilli Nov 25 '14 at 1:37

It's 2020. Just tried recently, it is still impossible to share files between OneDrive and OneDrive business. But also tried sharing files between Dropbox and Dropbox business, it works.

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you cannot share between home and business Microsoft accounts. I wish that this would be made a feature but sadly it is not going to happen in the near future (next 10 years) and by then uni will be over for you. actually it probably already is so this answer is completely useless. sorry.

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