I want to cancel my Quickbooks account, but want to export my data first.

I went to Reports and exported some of the data to Excel as described here: Export Report But, ideally I would like a file that contains all data that I can import into another app or even back into Quickbooks in the future if necessary.

Is a third party app or another method of extracting all of my data that I'm missing?

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Try the following methods:

  • Try log-in using Internet Explorer (as Active X is required). From the gear icon go to Export Data. Once Active X is installed, the screens will take you through the export process.

    See: Download the company file Export to QuickBooks

  • You may try to install a trial version of QuickBooks that you can install on this computer just to export your data

    License number: 7482-8847-2621-492

    Product number: 204–992

If above won't help, contact QuickBooks Support as the export could work only for the US QuickBooks Online at this time.

See also: How Do I Backup My Data?

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