Does anyone know if there's a spell check feature for forms?

I can't seem to find this option anywhere.

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Hi I work on the Cognito Forms Team. No currently there is not a spell check feature in Cognito Forms.

Looking through our Idea Board I didn't see where that feature had been requested yet. I suspect there are 2 primary reasons why folks have not asked for a spell-check feature.

  1. Many modern day browsers will have a spell-check feature built in that highlights misspelled words

  2. Often when people are placing a block of content into Cognito Forms they are just cutting and pasting the content from a word processing program that has already been spell-checked

Although I don't recall hearing of a feature request for a Spell-check feature you can certainly go to our Idea Board and add it if you wish.


Most modern browsers come with Spell checkers built in, If not you can always use one of the many websites that checks it for you before publishing it.

I like using this one as it supports US and UK spelling of words.


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