I have a couple of Gmail accounts (one personal Gmail and a couple of work Google Apps accounts) and sometimes, I mistakenly send an email and start a conversation from the wrong account. What is the best way to move it to where it belongs?

The two ways I am using at the moment but am not entirely happy about:

  1. Forward the email. That is not really moving the original emails from one inbox to another, it creates a new mail with the original conversation embedded which reads uglier, can mess up Reply To email addresses etc.
  2. Drag&drop the emails in some IMAP client from one inbox to another. This properly moves the emails but I haven't found a good IMAP client to be honest - something like Thunderbird will start downloading everything from my inboxes which is a behavior I wasn't able to suppress.

I think the ideal solution would be some "web-based IMAP client" that would allow me to connect both of my inboxes and then do drag&drop on the web, without the need of installing any temporary software locally on my desktop.

  • You can configure thunderbird not to download all your emails by default.
    – sente
    Sep 14, 2015 at 20:07


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