I was trying to find a way to import multiple VCF/CSV contacts to Google Contacts in one shot, instead of adding one by one.


Source: http://www.groovypost.com/howto/howto/import-multiple-contacts-into-gmail-from-outlook-mail-thunderbird-vcf-csv/

Combining Multiple .VCF or .CSV Files for Importing

Unfortunately, there isn’t any batch import for vcf and csv contacts in Gmail. A workaround for this is to take all your vCard or exported contact files and combine them into a single file and then upload that one master file.

Steps for Windows

Step 1: Launch a command prompt by Clicking the Start button and typing Cmd and pressing Enter.

Step 2: Go to the directory where your exported contacts are located.

Step 3: Type:

COPY *.csv combinedfile.csv

and Press Enter. Or, if you’re combining .vcf files, type

COPY *.vcf combinedfile.vcf

and Press Enter. CMD Command

Step 4: Next steps are pretty straightforward, go to contacts, click on More -> Import, and select the appropriate option. Upload the file and you are done!

Combining Exported Contacts in OS X

To perform this same task in OS X, launch Terminal, go to the directory that has your exported contacts and type:

fmt -sp *.vcf > combinedfile.vcf


fmt -sp *.csv > combinedfile.csv

Mac CMD Instructions

  • I tried the windows trick, but google didn't like the new combined.vcf file and wouldn't import it. – bgmCoder Dec 6 '19 at 2:23

Open powershell and type cat *.vcf > .\merge\merge.vcf

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