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For questions about Brave browser only if they relate to interaction with a specific web application. Questions about Brave browser settings or features should be asked at

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Why does YouTube have a large amount of empty space underneath and to the right of the video?

Since today, my YouTube videos are formatted weirdly. On the right, you can see where my recommended videos are, and clearly the big gray gap in between is not normal. Especially with videos in ...
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Hovering black bar appears in browser on Facebook with Amazon Kindle Fire?

Using Brave, Chrome, Bromite (so far), in Desktop mode on Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, a black horizontal bar routinely hovers and scrolls with the news feed, sort of "squishing" feed content ...
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Can't sign in to Atlassian Bitbucket from brave browser

When I try to login to my Bitbucket in brave browser, Atlassian displays the error below: You may run into this issue when you use specific browsers or add-ons that hide the referrer header for id....
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How to disable auto-pause for YouTube

Originally I thought this was a browser issue, but it turns out to be an actual YouTube issue. I'm using Brave Version 0.62.51. Every time I play YouTube, after 10 minutes the video will pause and ask ...
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What doest "x HTTPS upgrades" mean in Brave browser?

I have just discovered Brave browser and one of the features is called HTTPS upgrades. I tried to find out what it means, but could not find any relevant information:
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