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Use for questions about the indexing system for Pinboard’s Delicious ( read-only social bookmarking web service.

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1 answer

Mass tag update on bookmarks

My Delicious account has a great many bookmarks tagged "Bookmarks" - this would have happened when I imported my browser bookmarks into the service. The tag is redundant, and I've worked on ...
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Show only unique URLs in feed

Is it somehow possible to show only unique links in a page (or RSS feed)? For example many tags have the same link mentioned many times: My ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Bulk export of Delicious bookmarks saved by other users based on tags

Looking to bulk export a mammoth dump of bookmarks saved by other Delicious users. This isn't the same as exporting your own bookmarks, which is handy in itself and unleashes to you your entire save ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Can I block tags on Delicious?

There seem to be certain tags like movie or video in Delicious that get spammed by porn sites and the like. Is there any way to hide these sites, or report spam? Alternatively, is it possible to ...
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10 votes
2 answers

How can I rename a tag in Delicious?

Is there a way to rename a tag in Delicious?
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Crossposting between Delicious and Tumblr so tags are synchronised

I rely heavily on ( and would like to post select Delicious links to Tumblr. This can easily be done by feeding the RSS feed for my "to:tumblr" Delicious tag into Tumblr. ...
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What exactly is a 'tag bundle' in Delicious?

How can and can't it be used ?
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