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A service to allow users to share their location with friends. The service was retired August 9, 2013.

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Are there any services that will update Google Latitude from Yahoo Fire Eagle? [closed]

I'm looking for a web application that will update my Google Latitude location every time I update my Yahoo Fire Eagle location. I checked the Fire Eagle application gallery and didn't find anything ...
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Google apps with Latitude [closed]

I use google apps for my domain, my apps account has all my mail and contacts so when i got my android phone i logged into my apps account on it and it works fine, even serivces that i can't login ...
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Change friends icon/avatar on Google Latitude [closed]

I recently started using Google Latitude with some of my close friends. Many of them have not set a picture for their icon/avatar yet, so when looking at a map it can be difficult to identify people (...
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