Every time I log into my Gmail account using my correct email address, my husband's name is attached to it. My husband is a Yahoo! user. We use the same computer, but this error just started happening recently. When I email someone from my Gmail account, it appears that the email is sent by my husband. He said he don't think he click on anything to have made this happen. I have tried the recovery page 4 times and shutting computer down.

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  • Make sure you have not linked both account to each other. – serenesat Dec 7 at 6:31

Perhaps there was a mix-up on a different browser or device. To test this:

  • On the gmail web page select account from the 3x3 dots at the top right.
  • Then under Sign in & Security (left column) check the 3 options but especially the last 2:
    • Device activity & security events
    • Apps with account access

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