Is there a URL that can open a new document in Microsoft Word 365 in a single step?

Currently, I use two steps.

  1. I launch Word using www.office.com/launch/word?ui=en-US&rs=GB&auth=2
  2. I click on 'Blank Document' in the 'Create new' pane.

Can this be achieved with a single URL?


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Typing 'word.new' then Enter in the browser address bar, or using a shortcut to https://word.new, will open a new document in Microsoft Word on the web.

Alternatively, the application's name 'word', can be replaced by its default document extension 'docx'. For example, 'docx.new' in the address bar, or link to https://docx.new.

A similar approach works for some of the other Microsoft 365 applications on the web, but their support for using the file extension approach varies:

Web Application Links                                                                                                                            
Microsoft Word word.new   docx.new
Microsoft Excel excel.new *
Microsoft PowerPoint powerpoint.new   pptx.new   ppt.new

* Excel on the web doesn't support the extension approach: ❌ xlsx.new

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