I have two emails a@gmail.com and b@work.com linked to Gmail from which I can send emails. Now in Google calendar I can send calendar invites to emails, which are sent by a@gmail.com (It says a@gmail.com has invited you, please reply to a@gmail.com), as this is my main email and I'm the owner of this calendar.

I cannot find an option to change the email used in the invites, I even tried to create a new calendar for work appointments which belongs to b@work.com but this is also not possible as a@gmail.com is used per default and is not changeable.

My question now is how to send invitations in the name of my alternative email b@work.com and with the reply path b@work.com, or how to create a new calendar for this email address.

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@work.com is not a valid Gmail domain so this can't be done.

If @work.com was just an example of work@gmail.com then all you need to do is log out from a@gmail.com account and log in to work@gmail.com and send your invites from there. This is the only way.

  • no, it's my corporate email. Too bad...
    – pythonimus
    Mar 21, 2019 at 14:51

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