I'm trying to find examples of English collocations in a set of sites. I know how to search in multiple sites as it's been solved here before.

search term site:A OR site:B OR site:C

The problem is that Google shows all the results of site A then site B and it kind of defeats the purpose of searching multiple sites at the same time because you have to go through all the results of site A to get to site B results.

Is there any way (for example a JavaScript code?) to make Google results shown randomly so that I can have examples from all the sites in the first 100 results?

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Google Search results are outputted based on page rank so all depends on the search term (eg. statement that sites are grouped is not true):

"google sheets" site:webapps.stackexchange.com OR site:stackoverflow.com


Also, you can always try alternative search engines like DuckDuckGo, Yandex or Bing

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