I'm familiar with the UNIQUE function in Google Sheets and how it works on rows (see Examples 1 & 2 below).

Is there a function in Google Sheets that operates similarly on columns?

In Example 3 below, UNIQUE behaves as expected by treating this as a single unique row.

Examples 1,2

I've worked around this by using TRANSPOSE(UNIQUE(TRANSPOSE())) (see Example 4), however would like to know whether there's a built-in solution.

Examples 3,4

  • There's not built-in solution AFAIK. Maybe try a Pivot table (but maybe not the best fit) ? or a simple script ? either solution will always be much worse than a simple transpose -> unique -> transpose – pjmg Sep 3 '19 at 7:00

Google Sheets doesn't have a "built-in feature" that return unique column values. Your workaround (using TRANSPOSE) is the way to do it.


Google Sheets function list


With data in the first row:


enter image description here

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