I would like to copy or export a shared Google calendar that is listed under "Other Calendars."

I have found instructions on how to do this using the Public Address in iCal format. However, for the calendar I wish to copy or export, I do not have this information. Under integrate, there are only a "calendar ID" and a "Public URL to this calendar."

When I open the Public URL in a new browser, I cannot find any option to Save As .ics, I can only find options to save it as a web archive.

How do I copy, save, or export it in a format that can be imported into Google calendar or even any calendar program?

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There's actually a very easy workaround.

  1. Install Thunderbird
  2. Import your agendas (it will also process shared agendas)
  3. Export your agenda in whatever format that suits you.
  • Thanks. This is a great answer when it comes to solving the issue. If somebody needs more details on how to achieve it, here is the official documentation from Mozilla Thunderbird. support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/using-lightning-google-calendar You need to follow the instructions for the Read-Write access option.
    – Dan Ortega
    Commented Aug 31, 2021 at 23:59

I would like to copy or export a shared Google calendar that is listed under "Other Calendars.

The key word here is shared.
You can not copy or export a shared Google calendar. They are not yours, so you cannot do anything else but share them.

Extra info: Not even the default Birthdays calendar found can be exported or downloaded because it "Displays birthdays, anniversaries and other event dates of people in Google Contacts."

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