So blended data in Google Data Studio is not a lookup table. Here is what I'm trying to do.

Say I have data set A that has sales data like this:

Name          | Product       | Price
Mary          | Baconator Gun | $45.00
Mary          | Germ Gun      | $29.00
Bill          | Germ Gun      | $29.00

And then I have this second data, data set B, that has the product category for all my sales:

Product       | Category
Baconator Gun | Hardware
Germ Gun      | Software

I can't use blended data to blend B into A in GDS because the same fields I want to report on must exist in both data sets in blended data. Blended data seems to be for mixing two common data sets, not a traditional lookup table.

The ultimate goal is I'm trying to create a report that shows my sales by category.

I can't seem to find any way to achieve a lookup in GDS. What am I missing?

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I have built a demo of this, so unless you are missing data (for which you could create a field based on category, setting it as "uncategorised" or similar if empty) then I'm confident you can use Blended Data.

Source 1: Sales Source 2: Categories

Blend data: Sales (left), Categories (right) Join key: Product

Create table, source: Blended data Dimension: Category Metric: (SUM) Price

Screenshot showing all settings and output

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