I would like to use Google Forms to create a simple 5 question multiple choice quiz.

When the user has selected their answers and clicked Submit I would like to display immediate feedback on the same page. They should not be able to proceed until all of the answers are correct.

So let's say they answer 1 - 4 correct but 5 is incorrect, I'd like to display message along the lines of;

Are you sure? Try again.

Once they select the correct answer for number 5, they can then proceed to submit the form and the results are recorded as normal.

Basically, I don't want to record the results until all of the questions have been answered correctly.

Is this possible?


What you are asking for, cannot be achieved using Google Forms.

(You could probably try using GAS but that is a completely different "ball game")

As an alternative

You could achieve what you ask for but only on a per question/section basis.

Please have a look at this TEST FORM I prepared for you.

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  • Did you have a look at the form? Would this suit your needs? – marikamitsos Jan 10 at 17:05
  • I was wanting to do something similar. This is perfect, how did you do it? – ctrl-alt-delor Apr 21 at 11:20
  • "I was wanting to do something similar". @ctrl-alt-delor You would need to explain the "similar" part. Could have many interpretations. – marikamitsos Apr 21 at 16:03

This is based on the answer of @marikamitsos. Here is how to do it.

It does not work with all question types. It does work with simple multi-choice, but not checkbox.

  • Create a quiz with sections, one answer per section.
  • Add a section after each question. I will call this the review section. In it add feedback.
  • For each question enable "goto section based on answer", change the default option for correct answers, so that it goes to the next section.

For and against

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