What syntax do I use when adding up the number of correct answers that have boxes checked?

My question is;enter image description here

In this example the correct answers are Cotton and Calico. I award the students a total of 2 marks ( 1 mark each) in selected. Therefore if a student selects Denim, Satin or Silk, they do not get a mark.

The current Syntax I have been using is something along the lines of;

=if(D2="Cotton.", "1", "0", "Calico.", "1", "0", "Demin.", "0", "0", "Satin.", "0", "0", "Silk.", "0", "0")
  • For thos eof you who might be looking at the other side of the question this answer was great help ; webapps.stackexchange.com/questions/86804/… – alix turley Nov 19 '15 at 8:01
  • So, if a student selects all five boxes, do they get full credit (2 points) as well? That seems wrong. – user79865 Nov 19 '15 at 14:36
  • @NormalHuman, The students are only allowed to select 2 answers. – alix turley Nov 23 '15 at 7:37

Two more to try:

=SUM(ArrayFormula(--regexmatch(split(D2,","), "Cotton|Calico")))


=SUM(ArrayFormula(countif(D2, {"*Cotton*", "*Calico*"})))

The responses are recorded in the comma-space separated format, e.g., Calico, Silk. Suppose that the response is in cell B2: then the following formula gives the number of correctly checked boxes:

=countif(arrayformula(regexmatch(split(B2,", "), "^(Cotton|Calico)$")), TRUE)


  • split(B2,", ") splits the string into an array of responses
  • arrayformula(regexmatch(..., "^(Cotton|Calico)$")) processes the responses, returning TRUE if it's correct.
  • countif(... TRUE) counts the number of TRUE results.

If the correct answers are stored in, say, cells E2:E3, then the formula becomes

=countif(arrayformula(regexmatch(split(B2,", "), "^("&join("|", E2:E3)&")$")), TRUE)

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