My mobile teams rely on a spreadsheet for localization. With time I realized that each team are using their own keys rather than using the same one. I need to start from scratch and have both teams use the same key. How can I copy over all the rows that have matching keys into another sheet as depicted here?

enter image description here

so for example in the new sheet I would like to see something like this

identifier       | english             | arabic               | 
credit_card      |credit card          | بطاقة الائتمان        |
cash_on_delivery |cash on delivery     | الدفع نقدا عن الاستلام |

so notice the row where identifier iOS has cash will be ignored because the corresponding key in android label_cash doesn't match it


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If your data sheet is in Sheet1 you can use the FILTER function in your other sheet.


Have a look how the FILTER function works

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