I am trying to use =GOOGLEFINANCE(B2, "high", DATE(2022,7,26)).
According to google's docs, using historical values in this formula will result in an array result...

So, it pumps values all around my table, kinda ruining what I am trying to do:

Date        High
44768.67    105.13

(all of the above should be just one cell, but the formula results in splatting 4 cells, as array formulas do)

What I need is to get the number 105.13 but I don't have any leads on how to do that. I tried looking into split() or join() but it seems my use case is not common enough for me to find relevant discussion and/or examples.

Any tips appreciated :)

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Figured it out. Inline, it can look like this:
=INDEX(GOOGLEFINANCE(B2, "high", DATE(2022,7,26)), 2, 2)

The "2, 2" part means "2'nd row, 2'nd column" and that's how I point into a cell into this little table the formula creates :)

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    Another way to do that is with =query( googlefinance(B2, "high", "2022-07-26"), "select Col2 label Col2 '' ", 1). This pattern may be more tractable when you are calculating averages or otherwise aggregating data. Commented Jul 28, 2022 at 12:14

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