I realize there are similar questions to mine, but they have not the answer I seek. I want to use the COUNTIF( L5 , 0 ) function to change the color of a diagonal selection of cells. But Google Sheets only colors one cell of my selection. See picture.

enter image description here

I intend cells D17 and all cells diagonally right and down in a line to become black when cell L5 has a value of 0 entered. For those curious, I'm trying to make a consonant cluster sorter for my conlang projects.

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The formula you provided evaluates correctly for cell D17 because it is the first cell in the specified formatting range. But for E18 the condition will change to =COUNTIF(M6,0), for F19 to =COUNTIF(N7,0), and so on.

To avoid this and use the same formatting condition for all specified cells, use the absolute address of cell L5 - =COUNTIF($L$5,0) in the formula

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