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How can I sort emails in GMail by size?

In Gmail, how can I create a filter that will forward messages with an attachments larger than say 10MB to another account?


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Gmail has officially started supporting search by size, it means you can create a filter with size:20m to filter (and/or forward) all emails greater than 20 MB.

Gmail does not support searching / sorting on attachment size. It does however allow you to search and filter on attachment type (has:attachment filename:pdf), that may work if you can isolate your large mails on file name/extension.

An alternate - but not very neat - way to do that would involve setting up your Gmail in desktop client as IMAP and move it to specific folder (label) or forward it to another account.


While there is no filter that can do this I have looked into a service that can help: find big mail

It will identify your largest emails. It is free for @gmail.com accounts

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