I posted a message to a google-group that I am a member of (web2py-users) about four hours ago and it has not shown up in the list of posts. Thinking that I accidentally closed the tab before submitting my post, I reposted the same question. My reposted question has not shown up either.

I don't believe this group was moderated in the past but it has been several months since I last posted. I'm trying to find a "Group Information" page or similar which will tell me whether the group is moderated. Does such a page exist?

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To know if the group is moderated:

  1. Go up from the topic until you see the group web page (i.e. the page with the list of the topics)
  2. Click in the upper right About link (next to Members if you're logged).
  3. The Group Information page opens. On the Access row (above Statistics) you will see All posts are held for moderation text if the group is moderated.

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