I created my own "greatest hits" "album" for one of my favorite bands by copying songs from their other albums into a new folder. I still have their studio albums in separate folders as well, and I have edited the album tag of the "greatest hits" copies so they are different from the original mp3s. For example:

Folder - Album 1 - Track 1.mp3, with album tag "Album 1"

Folder - Album 2 - Track A.mp3, with album tag "Album 2"

Folder - Greatest Hits - Track 1.mp3, with album tag "Greatest Hits" - Track A.mp3, with album tag "Greatest Hits"

The other tags (artist, title, etc) are all uniform; Album is the only one that is different between the studio folders and the greatest hits folder.

Google Music is not uploading both versions of these songs; it is instead only uploading the "Greatest Hits" version of these "duplicate" songs, leaving my studio albums with gaping holes in their tracklistings.

How can I force Google Music to upload both versions o the same song?

  • Did you ever get an answer for this? I'm currently talking to support about it, but I haven't gotten anywhere with it yet (will post an answer here if I get a result).
    – StormFoo
    Apr 23, 2015 at 19:22

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I logged a ticket for this with Google and they said "working as designed". Changing tag info wont work; you need to change fingerprint of file. Use Audiocity to open and save or add a silent millisecond to change the track fingerprint. It will upload after. Google is trying to be too clever here.

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