When building a form using Cognito Forms, I am trying to create a discount code field that will accept 2 different codes and apply each with a different discount on the base rate.

I cannot figure out how to calculate the discount code when using more than one discount code.

E.g. : CODE1 = 15% discount; CODE2 = 25% discount. These discounts are applied to a selected REGISTRATIONRATE.

I found this code for the calculation of the discount amount on the Field Setting of Price: = CouponCode = "CODE1" ? -FullWeekendRegistration_Amount*.15 : 0

which works for one couponcode only. What is the syntax to add the 2nd code? i.e. I want to say IF couponcode="CODE1" then apply a 15% discount to the base rate else if couponcode="CODE2" then apply a 25%. discount to the base rate.

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    I'm afraid it's not clear what Web app you're talking about. It's obviously not IFTTT.
    – ale
    Feb 1, 2015 at 21:09

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I am a developer for Cognito Forms.

The example you included was from this blog post on three ways to implement discounts in Cognito Forms.

The syntax for the discount calculation would be:

=CouponCode = "CODE1" ? 0.15 : CouponCode = "CODE2" ? 0.25 : 0

The syntax is a bit cryptic (used by JavaScript and other C languages), but generally it is:

[condition] ? [true result] : [false result]

But you can chain them together indefinitely like:

[condition 1] ? [true result 1] : [condition 2] ? [true result 2] : [condition 3] ? [true result 3] : [false result]

The full documentation for calculations can be found on the Cognito Forms help site.

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