I'm creating a form that has a drop-down box 'number of drivers' which has up to 4 options: (i.e. 1 driver, 2 drivers, 3 drivers & 4 drivers).

When I select 2 drivers, lots of fields pop up so each driver can enter their separate details. I've done this using the 'Show this when number of drivers is 2'. Now I want to do the same, but when I select 3 drivers I want all 3 lots of fields to pop up & when I select 4 all 4 fields to pop up.

Does anyone know how to do this?


The best way to capture data for a variable list of items in Cognito Forms is to use Repeating Sections. This will allow you to create a form with a single Drivers repeating section that allows users to click Add Driver to add additional drivers.

Alternatively, if you prefer to use conditional visibility and a series of sections, you can make Section 2 visible when =NumberOfDrivers >= 2, Section 3 visible when =NumberOfDrivers >= 3, etc. Pro-tip: once you create the first section for driver information, you can copy and paste the entire section for each additional driver.

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