I track my diet (macros) in Google Spreadsheets.

For 1 day my protein is 114.63 carbs 194.75 and fat 69.15, the 70.54 is sugar which I'm not sure I should include.

The total of all 3 is 378.53

Using math.com's percentage calculator I can see that 69 is 18.253% of 378, however I'm not sure how to write the formula in Google Spreadsheets.

This is my current formula:


I take the sum (G30 = 378) divide it by (D30 = 69) fat, and divide that by 100 and I get 5.47% :(

screen shot


You have it backwards.

You need to divide your fat by protein, then multiply by 100 to get the percentage value.


69 / 378 = 0.18253968254

If you use the percentage format on the cell, you can skip multiplying by 100.

You don't need the sum() function at all here. That's for summing an array of cells.


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