I create my documents using Microsoft Word 2007. I then upload them to Google Docs so that they are always available for me to edit/rework.

In Word the default font for Headings is Cambria and for the Body style it's Calibri.

The problem is that Google Docs includes neither of these fonts.

Is there a way to add missing fonts to Google Docs or get it to preserve the existing document fonts?

  • Calibri and Cambria are both available for me see image
    – user5821
    Oct 21, 2010 at 11:57

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No this is not possible. Google recently added more fonts to the list and they will continue adding I guess. They won't let you to upload your own fonts or using external ones (since the removed the ability to edit css/html), because there is going to be an issue if you are going to share the Document and your collaborators won't be able to view it properly. Also there is a privacy issue that might arise.


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