Does anyone know a formula to combine several cells into a text in one cell with mixed delimiters between words?

Cell A1 - First Name
Cell B1 - Last Name
Cell C1 - Job Title
Cell D1 - Company

I would like to combine the first two cells with a space and the rest with a comma followed by a space. My target for the above cells is:

"First Name Last Name, Job Title, Company"

Does anyone know a formula for this please?

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=A1&" "&B1&", "&C1&", "&D1

This will return a string saying: "First Name Last Name, Job Title, Company"


You could still use the join function for the data, the only change being that for first portion you use the & function to achieve the first name last name join, then add the remaining array:

=JOIN(", ",A1&" "&B1,C1:D1)

In order to merge text with a space for example A4 = David & B4 = Willis type the following formula to create one cell with David Willis (You will have to re-format the cell after

=concatenate(A4," ",B4)

I found this article (https://hubpages.com/technology/How-to-combine-rows-in-Google-Spreadsheet) and it was very helpful to us when we together with my team work on the same spreadsheet document and have to combine or merge all our data.

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    Hi, could you add a brief summary of the information contained in the link to the body of your answer, please?
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