I'm facing an issue when trying to convert a specific date format into name of month. Supermetrics, an addon for Google Spreadsheets, returns date formats like the following: "2016|08", etc.

I have tried several solutions from the documentation without any luck. Any solutions or specific functions that I should look for?


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In order to avoid unnecessary calculations, it's assumed that the year doesn't matter, if it does, replace 1900 by LEFT(A1,4).

Alternative 1

=Date(1900,Right(A1,2),1) and apply MMMM as custom format

If A1 value is 2016|08 the result value will 1/08/1900 (assuming that the locale short date format is dd/mm/yyyy) but August will be displayed.

Alternative 2


If A1 value is 2016|08 the result value will be August.

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